Jump Off Plus

Much like the JumpOffPlus National Scouting Report, Brandon Clay is quickly making a name for himself in the field of women’s basketball. While spending the early years of his career teaching, training and evaluating the southeast’s top players, Brandon has developed a knack for accurately assessing a player’s strengths and weaknesses and ranking the player accordingly. Brandon’s way of making a personal connection with players and their families, combined with a degree in Sports Management from Georgia Southern University, give him added insight into the scouting process. Clay began training college caliber players in 2001, helping them identify how to improve their overall skill levels. Working with both young men and women as well as scouting service evaluators on the boys side provided Brandon with an expanded outlook on how to measure a prospect using current skill set levels and potential skill development. Because of his ability to create an umbrella for a player’s development and his eye for assessing a player’s worth at the collegiate level, Brandon has become one of the country's leaders in promoting girls' high school basketball.

Starting in 2008, Clay started to expand his evaluation reach on a national scale attending some of the country’s top events regardless of region to write for his JumpOffPlus website. The feedback from college coaches about the fair and accurate evaluations contributed to his decision to launch a national scouting service. The goal of the JumpOffPlus National Scouting Report is to be as fair and accurate as possible and provide clients with a detailed evaluation of a prospect’s ability based on multiple viewings.